Dejan Milicevic – Just Keep Talking Girl

August 26, 2012

For so many years Dejan Milicevic has been on the scene,started dj-ing at the age of just fifteen and rolling for around seventeen years now. From the beginning a partner in crime with mr Marko Nastic pumping their own style throughout almost two decades. After winning lots of prizes in 1997 and 1998 everything started to happen. As a part of the KneDeep family he played all the major events by now and also had the ex Yugoslavian region covered at the same time having every weekend full of new experiences. His music style is a mix of house and techno that has a flavor of a long and experienced career. Dejan is the co owner of Bordel Studios Belgrade and owner of Recon Light label. Last year was the year of the debut album release from this artist after more than 80 ep’s in his music life , Trust and the Purpose (Gillesku Records) sold out all vinyl copies just in 5 days and made a great success. Next album is expected on Plastic City so be prepared for a beautiful ride coming from Bordel Studios kitchen. 10 tracks with Dejan Milicevic´s special flavor!

Available Formats: CD, mp3.


Junior Gee – Downtown Girl

August 26, 2012

Based on the South Coast of England Junior Gee has been involved in the House Music scene since 1996. Junior Gee has regular DJ appearances for respected events across the South Coast, such as High Tide, Real House, Science, Amplified Sessions, Full Circle, and Junk Club, have stood him in great stead for his future gigs in the Middle East and South America. In 2009 his career really began to take off with the release of a handful of EP’s on Killawatt Recordings, as well as taking up residency for the label across the globe and hosting the Podcast show. He was very busy in the studio in 2010 with releases on Cubism, Tokio Recordings, Endemic Digital, Evasive, Killawatt (UK) and Love Hertz (Germany). His “The Day Is Yellow” track featured on the Plastic City Radio Show: Season 3 mixed compilation by Gorge, with a follow up remix for The Timewriter. In 2011 he released his brilliant debut album “As Day Breaks” on Plastic City. After a small break, he comes back with new tracks on his brand new EP “Downtown Girl”.

Available Format: mp3.

Plastic City Helvetia, mixed by Smalltown Collective

April 29, 2012

In 2009 Plastic City started a new compilation series to explore the European deep and tech house scene. Therefor DJ Miguel, the second part of the Smalltown Collective beside Remo, mixed the first episode called “Zurich Session” with Plastic City releases only. For the second Swiss part Miguel and Remo were asked to do the new mix together. Since the first release of the Smalltown Collective in 2008 on Malec Records especially the collaboration with Plastic City brought high international respect to the Smalltown Collective. You can find a lot of their tracks find on national and international compilations. Furthermore they teamed up with Get Physicals Lopazz and had releases out on Bacteria or Eyerers and Romboys Session Deluxe. And between the upcoming Dj gigs like at the Tresor Berlin there will be a Helvetia tour stop at club Supermarket Zurich. With their mix Miguel and Remo present an up-to-date profile of the latest Plastic City catalogue. The right mixture between deep and groovy, pop and undergound, strong and aromatic, dark and bright characterizes the mix. Strong and melodic arrangements dominate the plot while playful basses and dreamy vocals are coming around from time to time. Its pretty easy to lean back letting the mind fall into a very bloomy electronic world of fantasy and realism as well. The tracks of Terry Lee Brown Junior, Nikola Gala, Gütezeichen, Silt, Strict Border, Aki Bergen, Bucher & Kessidis or, of course, the Smalltown Collective are rotating around warm and pulsating club nights and nearly lost imaginations of inspiration. With this spring compilation Smalltown Collective are introducing spring and summer, only presenting the most fresh and refreshing tunes of the new season. Every track a little jewel, a pearl of creativity, modernism and sexyness. Here we have the right moods and emotions to take off in a time full of satisfaction.

Available Formats: CD, mp3.

Terry Lee Brown Junior – Bohemian Life

April 28, 2012

After the first single release “Baltimore” of the latest Terry Lee Brown Junior album “Labyrinth” at the end of 2011 Plastic City and Terry Lee Brown Junior present the new remix package of the album track “Bohemian Life”. Beside a deep pulsating dub version of the track by Terry himself we can find remixes by Jacob Phono & Siinus and Milton Jackson on this hot and strong remix package. Perfect!

Available Formats: 12″, mp3.

Oscar Barila & Maiki – Parallel Minds

April 21, 2012

Here comes the release of the outstanding debut album from duo Oscar Barila & Maiki. The label soon has been around for the best part of twenty years now, pushing quality house and techno from industry heavyweights and fresh talent alike. Albums from the likes of The Timewriter, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Nikola Gala & Lukas Greenberg have shown the labels commitment to artist development and a dedication to electronic music long players. Now the legendary label looks towards the debut album from the duo of Oscar Barila & Maiki, a pair who are set to become a major feature on dance music’s global stage. Oscar Barila hails from Valencia in Spain and has become one of the most notable producers to come out of the country in recent years. He has been behind over 40 releases for labels such as Kling Klong, Acker, Parquet & Plastic City to name just a few and has DJ’ed across the globe. His musical partner Maiki is from Milan, Italy and at the tender age of 21 has already achieved much with records released through the likes of Viva, Acker & Stranjjur and widespread A-list DJ support Both artists began working together in 2011, saw a couple of well received collaborative singles released and got their heads down for the writing of this their debut album, the appropriately titled ‘Parallel Minds’. The LP is a collection of 11 wonderful tracks that are rooted in the pair’s love of house music; from the jazzy musicality of title track ‘Parallel Minds’ to the uplifting vocal stylings of ‘Forgive the Drama’ and on to the groove led sounds of ‘Convexions’ there is rich variety yet cohesions throughout. Despite the wonderfully laidback closer ‘Dancing to the Moonlight’ this is very much a dancefloor-orientated album and a true reflection on where these two DJ/Producers are coming from. “Parallel Minds” is an insight into the sound of house music in 2012, with an occasional tip of the hat to what has gone before, enjoy.

Available Formats: CD, mp3.

Lukas Greenberg – Essence Of Me

March 31, 2012

Plastic City looks towards the release of Lukas Greenberg’s latest artist album ‘Essence of Me’ featuring his genre defying mix of quality electronic music. Lukas Greenberg is definitely no newcomer to the electronic music scene. He started his career in the early nineties as a hip hop dj before shifting to house and techno to play at famous venues like Tresor, 90Grad and KitCat. He launched his own Synphon Records label in the early noughties but it is his work with the legendary Plastic City imprint during the last five that has really brought him to prominence. His previous artist albums ‘Rhode’Stories’ and ‘Prisoner with a Key’ were critically acclaimed and gave an insight into Greenberg’s broad musical tastes and expansive production repertoire. For his latest long player Lukas Greenberg draws on his rich musical history and delivers a diverse and engaging album that features hypnotic house, downtempo melodic gems, uplifting anthems and a cover of an R&B classic. The album opens and closes and with the seductive vocal tones of the appropriately named Cari Golden who delivers both an atmospheric intro and a diva house final opus. Greenberg’s interpretation of the Timmy Thomas classic ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ sees the original vocals and Hammond keys woven into an excellent floorfilling version. Other highlights include the Satie inspired title track ‘Essence of Life’ and the downbeat ‘Broken’ featuring the lyrical stylings of Idiophonic who has worked with Greenberg on previous albums. This may not be an album for purist house/techno fans but for anyone whose heart and ears are open to the rich variety of electronic music ‘Essence of Life’ is a great listen.

Available Formats: CD, mp3.

Forteba – Stereoform

February 10, 2012

After the huge success of Forteba´s first two albums “Space Between Us” and “For Some Time Past” on Plastic City, critics and fans were persecuted by the clear sound and the straight intention, Krisztián Dobrocsi aka Forteba convinced. Both were great works of an artist on the go constantly trying new ways to meet the pulse of him or even to define. Now that more than 3 years have passed and Forteba has achieved with his side-project “Krisztián Decay” in the lounge and listening genre great success, now it is time for another “Forteba” album on Plastic City. With his 3rd Album “stereoform” Forteba is now featuring new sounds and brings his talent, depth and warmth to skillfully blend with contemporary club sounds to advantage. He overwhelmed the listener in no way restricted by unnecessary sensationalism and in the productions on the main without too minimalist or even technoid to be. On tracks like “Magnetic Fluid”, “Breath” or “Linoleum” as one listener has always felt that every sound and every groove, without compromising on the essential elements, has its own “raison d’être”. With “Fallin” and “Memory”, he is then also the perfect “in between” Aktzente called Interludes, as demonstrated by its proximity to much slower and beats loungegigen. Finally, there is still material to the currently popular sets and floors fill the club scene. “mR-8”, the eponymous title “stereoform” and “Neuroin” across the board are predestined to bring each hip to swing. All in all Forteba succeed with his third album “stereoform” a quantum leap in the direction of current club sounds, placing it at the same time Plastic City in a new and fresh light.

Available Formats: CD, mp3.

Zoe Xenia – Take A Chance

January 30, 2012

Zoë Xenia, hailing from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, started her music career as a singer and songwriter. Bitten by the House bug she began to produce and develop her own style of electronic music – a hybrid of rolling basses, chords and funk fuelled beats. Using her own voice but not only as a vocal she created her sounds just like an instrument itself. Thus keeping her firmly on the avant-garde tip. Zoë Xenia currently performs both as a DJ and a Live Vocalist/MC electronic act for parties and festivals throughout Europe and around the world. Her own productions have been released on labels such as ArtMiniMal, Connaisseur, BassCulture and Suara. Her track “Right Here Feels So Good“ reached nr. 25 in the Deep House top 100 downloads on Beatport and her Catz and Dogz Remix of “You Got Me Started“ was charted as one of the Top 10 Tracks of April 2011. Apart from producing her own music, Zoë Xenia has worked as a vocalist for other artists. She has made vocals for global superstar DJ Richard Grey and for Kosmo Records for the new re-release of BBE’s huge dance-hit “7 Days And One Week”, appearing in the accompanying video clip. Zoë has her debut release on Plastic City in January 2012 and has recently started a new project with Swedish DJ/Producer Cari Lekebusch. All in all it looks already like an accomplished year and 2012 is shaping up to be something special for Zoë.

Available Format: mp3.

JOBB – Sleeping Lily

January 23, 2012

Fred Carreira ( aka Jobb ) has a passion for the beginning of acid house in Europe, he fall in love of this new music. He put himself completely in house and techno movement , participating to the first raves and manifestations in the South of France. In 2000, influenced by American sound, especially Detroit Sound, Fred decided to start numeric production with Dan Corco. Their first label was Scandium Records. After Fred worked with emblematic labels like Rotation, one of the first European electronic music label and Dave Angel’s label. Then Fred worked with Fono, Adrenogroov, Deetron, Salvatore Freda, Good Life, The Hacker and Oxia ‘s label. Artists like Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Funk D’ Void, Slam played his tracks and kept these on many compilations like Fabric or Cocoon Recordings. Beginning in 2006, Fred created the artistic project JOBB and did release on many digitals labels like Famille Electro, Percusa Records and now Plastic City. Play.

Available Format: mp3.

Francesco Bonora – Hard Work

December 23, 2011

Born in 1984 and hailing from Bologna, Italy, Francesco Bonora is currently considered one of the most interesting talents in Deep House. Francesco began his electronic music adventure in 1999 at the age of 15. Two years later at the age of just 17, Francesco earned a regular residency at famed European club, Cocoricò. During Francesco’s residency, many quickly noticed his talent behind the decks, allowing Francesco the opportunity to play alongside some of the of the biggest techno & house DJs in the world. His eclectic and driving selections, with a unique ear for many different styles has helped Francesco focus and develop his productions, allowing Francesco to release his first single in 2006. Since then, Francesco has had many successful releases. The years 2009 and 2010 have been clutch for Francesco, with important releases and charts in many “top 100″ of the main digital shops. During the following years Francesco has released various 12” and digital MP3s with important artists and remixers, such as Marcin Czubala, Rick Wade, Pezzner, Felipe Venegas, Dave Ellesmere, Daniel Sanchez, James Teej, Dani Casarano, SCSI-9, Karol XVII & Mb Valence, Alejandro Vivanco, Jorge Savoretti, UGLH, El Mundo & Satori, Samuli Kemppi. In addition, Francesco had the chance to remix artists like Maya Jane Coles, M.In, Patrick Zigon, Jeff Bennett, UGLH, Cosmic Cowboys, and Thyladomid. Recently, the Bolognan has seen his work featured on Plastic City, Restructured, Back And Forth, Hohenregler, Abstract Theory and Etichetta Nera.

Available Format: mp3.